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"Los volátiles"


Los Volátiles is a transmedia documentary project that tells the story of several characters from ¨We can Fly¨ radio show. It´s formed by Daily Hospital patients from National Psychiatric Hospital of Costa Rica. Their motto is: Voices of silence. It seeks to give a space in mass media to a group of people that are usually forgotten by society: people with mental disorders.

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"Princesas Rojas"


Princesas Rojas is a political suspense with intimate features of Claudia, a 9 year old girl. She is a sandinista pioneer, raised in socialism and daughter of comunist central american intelligence members from the 80´s.

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"Let me tell you the story"


Female directors from different generations speak about their role in the Cuban Filmaking Industry after 50 years of Revolution.

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"Cadena perpetua"

Between old and rusty iron, a precarious transport machine was built. No one can remember where it came from or how it was invented but people who drives it call it ¨village relief¨. Men and machine guide us through economical paths in a special period that seems to have no end. Cadena perpetua: cuban reality through bici taxis work approach, a part of population that daily invents solutions to face situations like the use of double currency, low salaries, ilegal work, economical problems, work problems in Cuba after 50 years of Revolution.

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