Thank you.

November 18, 2014

Thank you.

Hours of work, creativity, discussions and perseverance have gone into this website. It not only aims to be a place where the general public can find out about La Feria Producciones’s work. It is also a place to talk about the strengths of our partners, some of whom have worked alongside La Feria for many years and some of whom we have only just met. Welcome to everyone and thank you for appearing on our website.

This website has been developed by talented, enthusiastic and committed people. We would especially like to thank designers Diana Chavarría and Josué Vargas.

After putting in many hours of creative efforts, they have produced a professional and innovative result. We would also like to thank the CETAV organization, which transformed La Feria’s hopes for this website into a coherent vision.

Finally, La Feria Producciones would like to thank the PROARTES programme, for continuing to believe in national projects by small organizations. Thank you for believing in La Feria: our future successes will be due to your unwavering support.

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