Social program


SIFAIS: SIFAIS is a programme that promotes the personal development and social integration of children and young people in underprivileged Costa Rican areas by teaching them artistic skills.


In 2014, we ran two workshops for SIFAIS. This was our first social development project. The workshops focused on:

  1. Empowering people
  2. Audiovisual language


At each workshop, children and young adults interested in the audiovisual field tookpart in intensive theoretical and practical classes.


“This was a marvelous experience. Working with such enthusiastic children and young adults was a big challenge. We held the workshop on Saturdays and Sundays. Together we grew as people and professionals. Each time we did these workshops, I really enjoyed being able to share knowledge with people who have so much to give. We will run this programme in many more communities. This is a magical experiment and experience for both sides.” Marcela Esquivel (workshop manager)


These workshops have been done supported by  PROARTES of the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud and the Teather Melico Salazar.

Link of the shortfilm:

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